After Tragedy Comes Fortune

Scientology. Mace-Kingsley Ranch. Drugs. Homelessness. Disconnection. Attacks.

Tragedy comes in many forms. Scientology and a life alone contributed to mine.

I like a Chinese saying so much it’s tattooed on my arm:


which literally translates into English as:

Big difficulty not die must have after luck

which when interpreted can be said to mean:

Surviving difficulties brings you great fortune

In the world today people have a real need for clarity. It’s so attractive to think of a belief structure or organization that has the answers. I have a particular strain of mental fortitude which has always led me out of these belief structures. I’m no genius, I’m no savior. I’m just a man in the world, shaking off after much a long life and difficult past.

Everyone’s story is different. Each has tragedy, wonder, difficulties and fortune. My name is Nathan Rich. Herein lies my story.