Anti-Scientology Links

Something Can Be Done About It / Mike Rinder

Mike Rinder was a very high up Scientology for my entire childhood and I remember him from many Scientology propaganda videos. He eventually got out of Scientology and became a very vocal opponent to Scientology. I find his arguments online interesting and compelling.

Xenu TV / Mark Bunker

Mark Bunker is one of the earliest Scientology-related activists around. He runs Xenu TV and has been doing a lot of work in that space for a long time.

Doubt Formula

A website dedicated to pointing out various issues with Scientology.

Ex-Scientologist Message Board

Forum for former Scientologists to vent and connect.

Ex-Scientology Kids

This website and forum has helped many ex-Scientologists vent and find community.

Operation Clambake / / Andreas Heldal-Lund /

Andreas runs (ran?) Operation Clambake, the first internet website I’m aware of which was about Scientology but not run by Scientologists. This was an inspiring website for me as a teenager when it was new.


This website calls itself “The World’s Best Satire of the Church of Scientology and its Leader David Miscavige.” It’s authored by¬†Jeffrey Augustine.

Jenny At LAX

Various interesting posts including personal stories about Scientology.

Leah Remini

Leah Remini is a celebrity known for her work on various TV shows and movies as well as bringing Scientology’s disconnection policy to the public eye with her show “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.” I enjoy her personality and her presence on screen.

Possibly Helpful Advice

Website which describes itself as giving advice for “finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology.”

Reaching For the Tipping Point

A forum dedicated to Narconon and other Scientology subjects.

The Scientology Money Project

Website attempting to expose the “money and legal labyrinth” of Scientology.

Scientology 411

A website which describes itself as “an eclectic mix of satire and news about Scientology.”

Scientology Lies

A website focused on the lies of Scientology, run by a woman named Kristi Wachter, who was a Scientologist for a very short time.

The Underground Bunker / Tony Ortega

An author critical of Scientology follows along the drama and controversy involving it.

Why We Protest

Forum discussing protests of several groups, including Scientology.

Suppressive Person Defense League

Dedicated to the defense of Scientology’s victims.

Karin Spaink’s German blog. I have no idea what any of it says.

Freedom of Mind

Freedom of Mind support those affected by undue influence by providing coaching and consulting services as well as training and educational resources for individuals, families and professionals.

Scientology 1972 Blog

Another site dedicated to Scn exposure.

Alonzo’s Blog

An active anti-Scientology blog site.