Scientology Rewards Molestation Cover-up

Scientology released a video (link) about me, featuring the family that disconnected from me defending child molestation and abuse at the Mace-Kingsley Ranch. Oddly, it also featured a skeletal figure poising as a human. Originally I thought it was Skeletor, antagonist of the Masters of the Universe franchise (He-Man’s enemy).  It turns out I was wrong. Apparently this wasn’t actually Skeletor, but was in fact what’s left of Carol Kingsley.

Carol Kingsley and Arlene Rich are Friends

Carol Kingsley, a celebrity within Scientology, is the founder of the Mace-Kingsley Ranch. The Ranch was made famous by its abuse of children as revealed on Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. Though the Ranch was closed down by the government, Carol is still very active with children (link). Her Facebook (link) is, at the time of writing this public, allowing any people out there to contact her and comment on her posts. A friend of mine was browsing her profile and happened to notice on her page something quite revealing.

At approximately the time that she was taking part in making that video, she posted a very interesting comment. It seemed that Arlene Rich (link, also public), my ex-Sea Org Aunt who also took her turn defending child molestation and abuse on the video, was being rewarded in a big way:

Scientology is Rewarding the Cover-up

What a surprising coincidence that right as Arlene Rich was defending child molestation, legal kidnapping and the hitting of children with wooden paddles, she was sent to Amsterdam to “help the Org prepare for the grand opening.” I wonder what she had contributed to that Scientology would be so proud of.  Maybe it was appearing in the video lying for the church. It seems that covering up abuses is rewarded in Scientology. So Arlene Rich and Carol Kingsley get together to make a video defending child abuse for Scientology and then magically Arlene, a person with literally no qualifications or skills (even in the Scientology world), is sent to Europe to prepare to open a building.

Speaking of lying, Carol Kingsley claimed to have taught me to ride horses and spend many hours talking to me one-on-one. She made so many false statements in the video that kids from the Ranch were contacting me to vent about it. That means that Carol Kingsley is willing to lie to cover up her crimes and to protect Scientology as well. In fact, she deliberately covered up the molestation of several girls (link) in the 1990’s. What a shocking twist it was to learn that Carol refers to Arlene Rich as her friend. I didn’t even know they had ever met. But then again, since my Aunt hasn’t talked to me in 20 years and since I don’t even know Carol Kingsley how would I?

For those who are wondering what Carol Kingsley has been up to, here’s a clue:

I hope that three year old likes indoctrination and child molestation. Because if they are like most children, they aren’t going to like it. They are going to hate it. They are going to be scarred by it forever. But we will never know, because Arlene Rich and Carol Kingsley will do Scientology’s bidding and cover it up. And this winking idiot in the video, blindly giving money to these predators, may never even find out about it.



3 thoughts on “Scientology Rewards Molestation Cover-up

  • October 27, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    I wonder how these people can sleep at night.

  • October 27, 2017 at 11:41 pm

    Sick People!!! Wish Gov’t in US would shutdown and all around the world!!!

  • November 23, 2017 at 7:55 am

    Yes Nathan! Love a scn blog with a bit of digging, this is all very cathartic.


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