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  • November 7, 2017 at 6:12 am

    Thanks Nathan, for letting the World know about your life history with the cult of Scientology, and the treatment at the Mace-Kingsley Ranch.

    One thing with your 4 part interview that struck me, and you noted that was not shown or mentioned on the “Aftermath” show, was that you and Tara are the exceptions to the rule and not the average of the people who went through your experience at the ranch and the treatment with Wally Hanks. That I believe should be pointed out, about how many kids did not do well after their experiences, as I think the average person just thinks “OK, they had a rough time, and then life goes on as normal.” As I understand it Tara is having a really hard time adjusting.

    I look forward to you writing a book and reading it.

    I have asked this question on Mike’s Blog, but did not actually get any kind of answer. You and Tara went on the “Aftermath” show, and exposed Wally Hanks for the monster that he was. About 2 weeks later he dies. My question that I asked was “Do you think that DM and gang has resorted to murder to silence anyone who would bring bad PR to the cult.”

    I saw a video where a woman claims that a woman was thrown overboard on the ship when she displeased LRH. No rebuttal from the cult, and for some reason they are totally silent on the subject.

    Ron M. DM’s dad was stalked by a sniper and his son with a silencer for his gun, and handguns. He followed Ron around, and tried to rent or buy a home next to or near Rom M’s house so that he could spy on DM’s Dad.

    I love your aunt droning on and on about your “crimes” and she missed a sentence and had to correct herself at one point. LOL. Somewhere along the lines of when your mom died, and she had been trying to help you. I loved your rebuttal. Excellent.

    I live in Portland, Oregon, and went to the cult and had made out the “Oxford Capacity Analysis” questionnaire. All that was in the whole building was a woman receptionist who was on her phone very upset with someone. LOL. A young guy came out, took the questionnaire in the back room and came back with the results. While he was gone, I got to wander around the building and it was very nice, but empty with a lot of books for sale. One aspect that was beyond funny was LRH giving lectures of his life on a closed TV. He claimed that he practiced as a doctor, and helped German prisoners of war, along with other claims that in no way could be true. LOL. I believe they have just opened the org in Portland, and there is nobody coming in. They had a table out front with pamphlets for free and nobody was even stopping to look at them or pick them up. LOL.

    Forgive me for rattling on and on, but I have tried to contact you for quite a while, and was not able to write to you on “Facebook.” even after you so kindly acknowledged my request for “friend” status.

    Do take care, and again thank you for your story, and just know that it might have been just a short time on national TV it reached millions of people who would think twice to get into this cult. Portland Org, is testimony of that with their empty building.

    Lance Caldwell, Portland, Oregon.


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