I Prefer Chinese: Gender Pronouns

I was watching some random YouTube videos and came across one of Gavin McInnes’ videos. The video is basically a rant about LGBT and how the length of it has grown to include several other letters. I ended up watching a Joe Rogan podcast with Jordon Peterson discussing laws forcing people to use new pronouns to describe people.

I went to take a look at some of these pronouns to see if it was hard to remember or what. Here’s what I found:

This got me thinking about these pronouns and I realized that this is one of the really neat things about Chinese: in spoken Mandarin Chinese, everyone and everything is called the exact same thing (!).

Let’s look at the current gendered pronouns in Chinese:

So while the special gender pronouns might make it into Chinese some day, it looks like the only effect they would have is when writing. All the more reason to convert to Chinese! 😀

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