Leah Remini: Unvetted

A&E tweeted a second preview for the upcoming Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath episode. This is the episode I’m in, with Tara. This is the episode which covers the Mace-Kingsley Ranch. You know, the Scientology ranch which abused children for 15 years. This is something I would expect Scientologists to take very seriously. And here’s how Scientology responds:


They randomly say something about how the kids on the show are “unvetted” and were “arrested for felony [sic] and domestic violence.” The implication here is roughly that if Tara and I were even at the Ranch, which is doubtful, then certainly none of the stories we tell are true, and the environment we describe was imagined.

I’m here to tell you that it’s embarrassing to see Scientology flunking this basic honesty test.

  • Producers were referred to me by another kid from the Ranch
  • Multiple producers got my story multiple times
  • My story was compared to notes and stories from other Ranch kids
  • I was selected for the show, and Tara was also selected for the show. She lives on the other side of the world from me and yet when we met up with the producers we both had the same memories and stories
  • Other kids who were at the Ranch remembered me and confirmed my photo to the producers
  • The producers found audio recordings of the environment of the Palmdale Ranch which corroborated my description of the environment
  • I am a member of a MK Ranchers-only private online group
  • I provided the producers with a detailed map of the entire campus of the MK Ranch New Mexico from memory along with photographs overlaid in actual location
  • The producers were provided with photographs from across the internet that show me at the Ranch
    • Some of these photos show me in front of a sign that literally says “MK Ranch in New Mexico”

It’s actually a little depressing that this is all they have. Arrested? Yawn. “Unvetted?” Sigh. Come on Scientology, I know you can do better than that. You’re abusing children and the best you can come up with is accusing me of being “unvetted?” This is just pathetic!

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