Mace-Kingsley Ranch Molestation Cover-up

I recently conducted an interview with someone who was at Scientology’s Mace Kingsley Ranch both times I was. I knew him at both times. He was at the Palmdale Ranch when Wally Hanks (YouTube link) left the Ranch. He went into great detail about the events which led up to Wally’s departure and the aftermath. The entire interview was recorded on video and audio. I personally remember several of the things he mentioned during his interview. I also have read corroborating stories from other confirmed Mace-Kingsley Ranch children on the internet.

The Interview

The excerpted story takes place about 1 year after I left the Mace-Kingsley Ranch in Palmdale. By then, a second and third location had been added: Tahoe and Agua Dulce.

In Tahoe, it was a lot of drinking and then a few girls started staying up there and they would stay with Wally. You know like [names of four girls I knew]. It was yeah, 9 or 10 girls out there. And then we were up in Tahoe I’d say about 9 months and then 2 of the girls approached me and said “Hey Wally is [expletive][inappropriately touching us] at night when we’re sleeping.” And they didn’t confront him on it, they just slept, or pretended to sleep. [Name of girl] and [Name of other girl] were the ones that reported it to me.

And so I was like [expletive], I mean Wally was like my guy, he was like my dad. So I was like “what are you talking about?” and they were like dead serious, “It’s also happened to this girl and this girl.” So I was like, alright. So I called this guy that was a farrier, so he shoos[?] the horses out there for us out there. And I called him and said “I need a ride. And I don’t want to talk about it but I need a ride from the first house on the way out of Tahoe to Downieville.”

He and the girls eventually got to Reno, where they reached out to prominent Scientologist Sherry Faust (link). He expressed being unsure what “abilities” Wally had. He is referring to Scientology “OT abilities” such as telepathy or remote vision. Sherry and Carol Kingsley (link) drove out to meet up with Wally, where he confessed to molesting children.

I called my mother … she flew from [removed] to Reno and drove into Downieville and met us. And then I called Sherry and told her what happened and she didn’t believe me and she was like “I’m sending the Sheriffs after you.” […] we were scared Wally was gonna come find us — I didn’t know [expletive] how many abilities he had. If he could sense where we were or whatever.  I was seriously like “[expletive], he’s going to find us.” We […] hashed out negotiations with Carol and Sherry over the phone while they drove to Tahoe to confront Wally. And after a few hours he fessed up […] and then they cleared him out of the Ranch and then asked us to come back […] I was scared [expletive] to come back.

Instead of calling the police or even talking to the parents, Carol Kingsley and Sherry Faust put Wally’s nephew, Paul Gullett, who was fresh out of prison on drug charges, in charge of the Ranch. As for Wally:

Wally got sent off wherever he went – Flag, or somewhere to get in the trouble he got into, which – he never got declared [suppressive] […] and legal never got involved with it.

More Evidence

Still think that Scientology wasn’t covering this up? How about this excerpt from Astra Woodcraft’s video (link):

That one time that he put his hand down my shirt was the only time he did that to me but later on when I was in the Sea Organization, when I was the Director of Inspections and Reports, I came across some reports on him. He had been found out – that he had been doing these things but he’d done a lot worse than what he had done to me. He had really badly molested several girls. Like felt down their pants and had them pee on his car or on someone’s car.

He got off by seeing them pee on cars. He told them to pee on cars and they would do it for him because they had to – or, he got them drunk, had them pee on cars, felt them […] Well because he was an OTVII, they weren’t going to declare him officially because it would be bad public relations […] they quietly ousted him from the church [sic].

What Astra didn’t know then was that Wally wasn’t ousted from the “church.” He wasn’t even an illegal PC. He did his Purification Rundown in 1999 (link).  Then, around 2008 I walked into Celebrity Center International and asked a Sea Org member to look up Wally Hanks to find out if he was PTS or an Illegal PC or a Suppressive person. The staff member confirmed: he was in good standing with the church. They did not take any action against him because they thought it would be bad PR. What a disgusting organization.

The interviewer from the video then asked if Scientology ever reported him to the authorities. Astra responds:

No, they never reported him, at least not to my knowledge

That’s right, not only were the police not called, Wally was sent to the Scientology organization where he was NOT declared a suppressive person, but instead only had to do ethics conditions and was accepted back into the group. Wally spent the next 2 decades sailing with children who were sent to him by Scientology and its community, supported by Carol Kingsley. He was able to do Scientology services.

Do Not Support Child Molestation

Carol Kingsley, Arlene Rich, Sharon Rich, Aliza Kasparian, Juliet Mcintyre, Scientology and anyone else that defends child molestation are sick, disgusting and abhorrent beings that deserve the worst things. Do not support these people. Do not support Scientology. You are literally supporting people who defend, shelter, protect and embrace child molesters.

Wally Hanks died in 2017. The paddle he used to abuse kids with, the “Board of Justice,” was hanging on his wall at the time of death.

This is True,

Nathan Rich

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  • October 28, 2017 at 3:56 am

    So glad you are speaking out about this abuse! My hope is that it brings more people out to share their stories, with the end result of scientology being shut down. The organization is sick and predatory and is certainly not a “church.” I hope that you are healing from your experiences. You are a good person with a great heart. Keep on speaking out – you are making a difference.


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