Require Tax-Exempt Religions To Make All Religious Texts Freely Available

I’m of the strong belief that the government shouldn’t be supporting organizations which obfuscate or lie about their beliefs in order to gain members or income.

I have created a new petition, to raise awareness and get the conversation going. I hope we can get some traction on this petition because even though the whitehouse petitions website has been more or less ignored by the whitehouse recently, people still pay attention and the exposure would be really nice. We need to re-think this law.

Sign the petition now

Update: I have now added a petition here. Please sign both for maximum effect!

One thought on “Require Tax-Exempt Religions To Make All Religious Texts Freely Available

  • November 1, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    I am familiar with you only from hearing your story as told to Leah Remini on her television program. I wish I could give you a hug and tell you in person that you’re amazing. I’m an habitual “mom” – my favorite responsability in life was raising my children. So forgive me and please don’t think I’m strange or some kind of freaky stalker, but I would be proud to be your mother. Your the age of my son and daughter and I feel so much empathy for you as well as respect and awe! I want to tell the little boy in you that you are loved. I have great faith in God and I am sure your birth mother now knows she made a huge mistake. You will see her again and she will tell you herself, I promise. Meanwhile! If you are looking for a Mom – I’m here with open arms, my family and I always have more love to give. ?. I do hope that you continue with your petition. What can I do to help besides sign it myself. There is great healing in helping others, which I am sure you know. Your petition will do that. Please keep fighting the good fight. And please, do not feel any guilt having to do with your mother. She does not want that I am positive , as she finally sees with her afterlife wisdom. I love you and don’t know you; but I love the child in you that so desperately needed that love. You are incredibly strong and virtuous and kind and you should be so very proud of your accomplishes, of your life! You grew amazingly well into a good man in spite of such abuse and neglect.
    Consider yourself ” hugged” !
    Love, Kimberly Stoner- Short


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