One thought on “Video: Scientology Exposes My “Life of Crime”

  • November 6, 2017 at 4:52 am

    Hello, Nathan Rich.
    I’ve watched that episode of Leah Remini’s The Aftermath six times before checking out videos on YouTube. Your response to the Scientology attack video is revealing and funny, and the severity of the punishments you describe (200 suzie-q’s in fresh horse manure, especially) are heartbreaking.

    I was never subjected to Scientology, but I consider Dianetics to be one of the most oppressive texts I’ve ever read, having investigated it back in the nineties.

    When I was fifteen, my mother died suddenly. It was really devastating to me, but it became worse when a month later, my father found a girlfriend (after twenty-three years of marriage to my mother). In short, this woman hated me. I believe I posed a threat as the only other female, and she tried to send me away to some camp in California. That never happened, but she did manage to convince my father that what I needed was to become her personal slave. She had brought some fancy furniture along with her from her rich home in California, and it became my job to polish all of it. It also became my job to do every single chore in the house to her satisfaction, which took hours out of every day, as soon as I came home from school. She drove an enormous wedge between myself and my father, at a time when I needed him the most. He grew to hate me as much as she did. After two years, he broke it off with her. He really tried to make amends, which I appreciated – but the damage was definitely done.
    I feel like my parents were both taken from me by a stranger who was out for her self. For many years it just fucked with me, as the negative messages just stayed with me. At one point, I almost drank myself to death.
    Anyway, I draw a lot of inspiration from how beautifully you recovered from that whole thing, and what a success you have become. It makes me feel more inspired in my own journey of sobriety. Plus, I really love looking at pictures of you as a young punker!! I had a mohawk in the late eighties, and I still rock skull rings and leather. And it hurts me to see you cry when you speak of what you wish you could say to your mother. I can relate to that.

    Rock on, Nathan Rich – you’re beautiful!!


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